Hi! I'm Eric.

I'm really not sure if anyone reads these things besides me, so if you're here, well, I guess we're kindred spirits.

For a long time, I just wanted to build cool things. I'd tinker for hours on one thing or another. Software, hardware, or really anything in between.

As I got older and more experienced, I realized that building cool things is alright, but for them to actually matter, they need to affect change on a certain percentage of the world.

I believe that a small team of individuals who really care about their craft and who share a sense of ownership in an organization that they believe in, is one of the most powerful forces in our society.

When this small team is organized as a business and it's values are highly aligned with the change it wants to deliver, the resulting startup is one of the most effective vehicles that enable a group of people to to affect change on the world.

So, naturally I gravitate towards business and startups.

If you share these values, I'd love for you to reach out. Maybe we can build something together one day.