Idea: Facebook Stories

14 August 2011

Was watching some facebook product videos last night and came up with an idea for an app built on top of Facebook.

The problem: Status updates are extremely ephemeral and matter for about 5 minutes before they are pushed to wayside by the rest of your friends’ status updates. Same goes for photos, video, checkins and other content shared on facebook- though to a lesser effect.

My Solution: Create an app, most likely inside facebook to display a story. It would be similar to a photo album, but laid out as more of a News Feed. This would allow you to archive all these memories for public or private display.

Monetization: This would be the most difficult aspect, probably the only workable way would be advertising. Although the possibility of allowing users to customize the look and feel of each “story” to a certain extent could be allowed by paying for icons, layouts, and color schemes with facebook credits.