28 January 2014

I'm in the middle of polishing a web app my team is developing at the office. Jared and I sit next to each other and go through the app page by page, and fix what needs to be fixed because he sees things that I miss.

Of course, we run in to a bug that needs to be fixed before we can continue with our business.

Damn. How long is this gonna take?

Its about 3:00pm, people are talking, I'm on edge because this bug has me stressed out because it is particularly troublesome, seemingly without cause.

There is a conversation going on to my left, that has already been had 4 times today in one form or another.

More stress.

There is a meeting going on in the conference room just on the other side of the "wall."

I have no idea what they are talking about, but it is probably the stupidest thing ever. Usually is.

I put my headphones on but don't plug them in because I might need to be able to talk to Jared, just want to block out the noise.

Then someone comes over to ask Jared a question about something they need, of course they have a high pitched voice, so it cuts right through the headphones in my ears.

I turn on my music to hopefully block more noise out.

Focus. Concentrate. If I could only apply a little bit more mental energy to this problem I could solve it. Clench my fists. Trying my hardest not to yell at someone to tell them to SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Song ends, there is that conversation that is still going on, but has outlived its ability to actually convey any new information.

I've completely lost all hope of this going anywhere. I'll write this blog post instead.

That's why I prefer to work from home.